rgriswol – LookingOutwards-04

Alex McLean, also known as Yaxu, released an album in 2016 called Spicule. What is unique about this album is that it is released as a live coding device on Pi Zero. You can also digitally download it. You can play mastered Spicule tracks “over high quality line outputs” and you can also plug it into your computer and “live code algorithmic patterns” to change and create “special versions” of Yaxu’s tracks. Yaxu also created TidalCycles, an open source live coding environment based off of his 16 years of experience with making algorithmic dance music. It makes sound through “SuperDirt” which in and of itself is live-codeable. It is also implemented through Haxell, a “pure functional programming language” which allows patterns to be created and combined with code. The patterns are also functions of rational time. Because the project is open source, many musicians can now use the project. Crowdfunding recently ended in August, but contributors got access to the album, pattern reel, and/or device depending on how much they donated.

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