mreyes-looking outwards 05-Sublime Moments

Eyal GeverSublime Moments2014

In his show, Sublime Moments all of Eyal Gever’s pieces have two parts to them.  An complex computer simulated animation, and then a 3 foot sculpture of that animation. Gever volunteered to be in the Israel Defense Forces’ computer R&D unit, where he programed computer graphics to simulated possible outcomes. This was the foundation for him eventually developing his own software for his art. In an interview with Beautiful Decay he said “Using my own proprietary 3D physical simulation technologies, I have developed computational models for physical simulation, computer animation, and geometric modeling. Combining applied mathematics, computer science, and engineering…”

Piece of the Ocean 2014 

I admire this body of pieces because, I usually find hyperrealism (in both painting and sculpture) to be impressive but, ugly. However with Gever’s work I found his subject matter interesting as well as his execution and the forms he chooses to depict. The collection of pieces is enticing to look at as the forms suggest a movement but also give hint to a bigger motion yet to come. Gever Manages to capture the ominous potential along with a beauty and serenity of natural forms in a poetic juxtaposition.



Sphere Pop 2014

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