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Syncro Mail – Unconscious CollectiveLisa Javbratt, 2003

Lisa Javbratt’s Syncro Mail Unconscious Collective, is a website witch allows the user to send an email with a randomly generated image and word from the internet. The website also plots the data of how many emails were sent, when they were sent, who sent them, who receive them, and even the words and even pictures themselves.


Instructions on how to read data from website. 

What initially made me curious of this site was the fact that although it was made in 2003 there was a very “shitpost”-esque sense of humor to it. While this may seem like a shallow read I admire art that is fun to interact with and uses humor to allow the to potentially audience to access more complex ideas. Additionally the website is simple and easy to use. While the artist’s intent is not explicitly clear, what I find most interesting about the piece is the data collection of interaction between people(or themselves) over the web. Additionally the thought of letting the internet communicate for people but still fining the interaction relatable with one another is also interesting.

I assume the algorithm for generating the word and image searches through either all online pages or just google and randomly picks on. The data (belive) assigns a random color for each addressed entered and then places a square or that color accordingly on the chart witch there is an a function to calculate the x and y coordinates depending on the week it was sent.

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