William Latham (rnayyar looking outwards 2)

What drew me to Rhea’s looking outward was the nature of the visuals themselves. Latham’s Designs reference the medium and method they are made with a crudeness in texture and form. The forms are clearly complex though in the layering, patterning, and composition to make up forms that look almost organic. While other artists have made realistic organic works before with computer graphics, I find Latham’s fabricated realism more interesting. Additionally, as Rhea stated, these organisms bread and grow, making them really there own life form.

William Latham Mutator2 Triptych 2013

When visiting Latham’s website I was surprised to find he is a very talented draftsman. In the same year as Mutator2 Triptych, he created a 8ft x 8ft drawing consisting of highly stylized, almost cartoon like, organisms.

Latham working on the drawing, 2013

From what I can find he has done a few more large scale drawings that are also quite beautiful. Looking at his drawings and viewing him as a marksman is a portal for viewing his computer generated work in another way. Because, all the computer generated forms are marks in themselves.


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