Diana Connolly – Project 9

For my project, I have it that you can click or drag your mouse to fill in the portrait of my sister.

Sister Portrait

function preload() {
    var myImageURL = "http://i.imgur.com/HsqTrHo.jpg"; //original pic on imgur
    underlyingImage = loadImage(myImageURL);

function setup() {
    createCanvas(720, 500);
    background(255); //white background
    underlyingImage.loadPixels(); //loads pic
    text("press your mouse", 100, 100); //click instructions
    text("or drag your mouse", 300, 300); //drag instructions

function draw() {
    //not called

function mousePressed() {
    splat(mouseX, mouseY); //splat made where you click

function mouseDragged() {
    splat(mouseX, mouseY); //splat made where you drag

function splat(x, y) {
    var imageX = constrain(mouseX, 0, width); // x location of image at mouseX, as long as it's within the canvas
    var imageY = constrain(mouseY, 0, height); // y location of image at mousey, as long as it's within the canvas
    var pix = underlyingImage.get(imageX, imageY); //gets the color of the pic at your mouse location
    fill(pix, 128); //fills with the underlying image's colors
    var rad = 17; //radius of ellipses
    for (i=3; i<29; i+=.35) { //draws the ellipses in the splat
        var angle = random(0, TWO_PI);
        var splatX = x + cos(angle)*random(i*random(1.5));
        var splatY = y + sin(angle)*random(i*random(2));
        ellipse(splatX, splatY, rad-i, rad-i+1.8);

Here’s what your first interaction would be — clicking around the canvas a bit:

And here’s what a filled in canvas would look like:

Based on this original image:

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