Looking Outward-10-The Poster Children

The Poster Children, Marina Zurkow, 2007

The Poster Children is a generative landscape (much like this weeks project), with melting ice caps, northern stars, mounds of 90’s nostalgic technology, naked children with guns, and even polar bears. The piece is usually displayed on four large scale screens but sections of it can be viewed on vimeo. Conveying  both a fantization of the past and an anxiety of the future of a specific generation, the piece addresses topics of, gender, violence, climate change, and media all in a decently simple strip.

The Poster Children from Marina Zurkow on Vimeo.

While Marina does not advertise her own educational history, she is currently a full time faculty member at Tisch School of the Arts and New York University. She has had multiple shows in New York venues as well as ones around the country and the world. Marina has used an abundance of diffrent techniques in her works that include combining life science, biology, animation, softwares, and even audience interactive installation.


Marina has an interest in both the human experience and the environment and especially how these two collide. What I admire about her work is her ability to combine so many diffrent aspects of life and art into single pieces and have them harmoniously tell a viceral story.



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