Isabella Hong – Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to create an audiovisual mixer like Daito Manabe’s “Arigato Skating.” In his production, Manabe used cameras to capture the movement of the junior skaters on the ice and used projectors to project visuals on to the ice in line with the movements. In the end, it looked like twinkling lights and lines were emerging from the skaters’ blades as they performed on the ice.

My idea is to have shapes and patterns emerge from the user’s mouse. The different objects that will be drawn as the mouse moves will depend on the song’s (which I have yet to choose) current rhythm. This way, the visual is in accordance to the audio, hence an audiovisual mixer.

These are some preliminary sketches and ideas that I have for the audio and visuals. They will become solidified once I choose the exact portion of one of the songs I have in mind.



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