mreyes-Project Proposal – chat bot

In another class I am making a suriel virtual pet type game using the library. What I am currently working on is for the “pet” to have needs witch you have to cater to and the pet responds depending on how you interact with it (such as getting board, and a button to click that allows you to play with it). I would like to expand on this current project by allowing the player to talk to the pet and based on the sound levels in the player’s voice the pet will respond in a diffrent way. Additionally I would like to have a sound/ vocab bank of things the pet can say witch progressively gets more sophisticated the more you talk to it (similar to a furby).

I have only ever tested the mic function using the P5 text editor. It might not be able to work using sublime or index even when the terminal is edited. This means it would require the person grading it to download the P5 text editor and play with it that way.

Here is what the program currently looks like. I will try to post the code itself once it is more refined.


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