Sean Meng-Looking Outwards 02

How Generative Design Affect Meets Architecture

The canopy of British Museum, Foster and Partners

The Great court at British Museum is designed by Foster and Partners architecture firm. The amazing part of this project is the dome(roof) is in a very hi-tech architecture. This roof was designed firstly by modeling in Grasshopper, which is an architecture software that can help architects to design complex in a parametric method. Because the software is based on algorithm. The canopy is in a engineering and economy form. The unique geometric shape is used to expand the gap between the courtyard and the reading room. Most importantly, The structure and the frame is designed to reduce the solar gain. Without the engineering and physical feature that is made by the modeling tools, the architects can not come with this precise and scientific canopy from scratch. From my perspective, generative modeling tool makes it possible for designers, includes architects, to collaborate engineering skills.


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