Jamie Dorst Looking Outward 04

For this week’s Looking Outward post, I chose to write about The Classyfier. The Classyfier is a table that recognizes sounds from beverages (the clink of a wine glass, a can opening, a spoon stirring tea, etc.) and automatically plays appropriate music.

The Classyfier–a sound detecting music automator.

I admire this project because I think it’s a really creative use of AI. Even though I don’t think this is the most urgent or influential project, I think it’s cool that we can use this technology to create more projects in the future; A smart music playing table might not change the world, but we can use this technology to make something that will. In the article linked above, it says that they used Wekinator, Processing, and the OFX Collection. I also found it cool that they used processing because that’s similar to p5.js. It’s inspiring that projects like this are being made in a language very similar to the one that we’re learning, meaning that we are that much closer to creating this type of stuff ourselves.

Video demonstrating The Classyfier in action

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