Jisoo Geum – Looking Outwards 09



Seaquence (app) by  Gabriel Dunne and Ryan Alexander (2017).

Of all the Looking Outwards written by my peers, I really liked Emily Shou’s week 4 – sound art post. I felt like the direction she took in choosing the sound art piece was very interesting since the project, Seaquence, is an iOS app that can be downloaded by everyone. I agree with Emily that the creators did a great job visualizing the forms of living organisms since they tend to look very complicated and unappealing.

I also agree with Emily that the creators made a unique choice in selecting the theme.  Sequence does have a unique vision in turning something unconventional into a digital masterpiece. The part that I admire the most about Sequence is the accessibility and interactivity. Music masking software tends to be very convoluted as if it is only usable by professionals. However, Seaquence flipped the whole idea of ‘music for experts’ and made the activity approachable.


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