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This week looking outwards is about one post I found interesting and couldb be furthur looking into. It’s a sonic playground by Yuri Suzuki, original posted on Robert Oh’s post in looking outwards 4.

Sonic Playground continues the High Museum’s multiyear initiative to animate its outdoor space with commissions that engage visitors in participatory art experiences. It is the High’s first venture into exploring the notion of audible play—how the sounds all around us can be constructed, altered and experienced. The installation transforms the piazza into a welcoming atmosphere for socializing and recreation and serves as a stage for performances and art-making activities the High is co-organizing with local arts organizations.

孩子们在Yuri Suzuki周围玩彩色雕塑,在High's广场上修改和传递声音。

The project targeted on childeren but also the public because of the scale and apperance of it to get more attention on the soundwave that happning in our daily life, you’ll find something different just hearing more into detail by this device.

One of the most intriguing pieces will be the Parabolic dishes. These require a certain amount of exploring, finding the exact spot where you can hear the reflection of sound at its most prominent.

Working alongside the engineers the design was tweaked to make the piece acoustically sound as well as structurally safe. This required changing the sound horns to faceted horns and adding extra supports to enhance the structural sterdyness.

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