Yiran Xuan – Looking Outwards 09

Audrey Zheng’s Looking Outward 03 Entry about Madeline Gannon’s work, REVERB caught my attention due to my own interest into 3D printing and bringing digital objects into the physical world. I was curious about what the explanation meant by “tracking a squid’s movements through time and space”, and what it had to do with a kinect, until I watched the video. Essentially, a hand’s movements are tracked, and a virtual “squid” follows it and mirrors it across a virtual human model. A snapshot of its tentacle’s positions are recorded and the compilation of these snapshots form a discrete but connected shape. It looks beautiful for 3 reasons I believe: it is complex at first glace, it is symmetrical, and its lines are smooth. I have concerns whether all generated necklaces are structurally sound when printed, however…

Link to the work

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