Looking Outwards – 12

The Space Between Us, Santa Monica, CA. 2013
The Chronarium Sleep Lab, The Cathay, Singapore. 2015

The project The Space Between Us, is by Janet Echelman and the project The Chronarium, is by Rachel Wingfield. Both of these projects are similar in the way that they are both human centered and designed for interaction and to create an experience throughout. I found these projects interesting because the approaches to similar concepts are different. Echelman’s project is situated in an open environment, while Wingfield’s project is a part of an enclosed space. While both are different in the physical aspect, both project incorporates lighting and sound to create an immersive audiovisual experience for their audience. Both project also include some sort of physical change to the environment by the audience. In the Space Between Us, the audience had to carve or make indentations through the sand so that they could sit comfortably to look up at the aerial sculpture. In the Chronarium, the audience would lie inside a textile canopy, which would change the shape and form of the envelope as they moved/turned to find the most comfortable position to rest/sleep.

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