Nina Yoo- Final Project


You can use keys from A-K to make animations appear. If you match the number of times you press the keys with characters from the same movie the background will show a pic of the movie along with playing a song from the movie.

This project has helped me understand more about the sound and loading images from imgur function as well as looping for animations.It was fun and exciting to see my animations come to life, but I was sadly unable to upload to the site because of my zip file being too big.  The hardest part of this project was figuring out how to make the animations appear and disappear by pressing the same key. To do this I created a function to track if numbers were odd or even and set a value for each time a key is pressed.

How to use:

You have to download all the following files and put it in the same folder. Also,  do not forget to open a local host file. The reason I have to do it this way is because the songs are really big files that are unable to be uploaded all at once. Archive contains the code, index, and animations.

Songs and Background from Studio Ghibli


Spirited Away

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Howl’s Moving Castle

songs 2