LO- My Inspiration

The computational project I found inspirational is an application called OpenRGB. When people build custom computers, they will often have controllable RGB lights that come with the fans, lights in the case, the CPU cooler, and other components. What OpenRGB allows you to do is control all at one, regardless of what program each component is advertised as being controlled with. OpenRGB is a program originally designed by a programmer whose name is Adam Honse. The first version, version 0.1 was released about a year ago. I am not exactly sure what programming language it uses, but since it’s open source, it takes the code of almost every RGB controlling software on the internet and puts them into one simple, easily controlled software. I admire the project because it makes the process of controlling your computer’s lights so much easier and simple. Were this project not to exist, PC owners would either have to spend extra money making sure the brand of their RGB lit PC components were all the same, or they would have to constantly juggle between different RGB controlling softwares. 


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