LO: My Inspiration

Participant wading through water with an abstract image projected overtop in TeamLab Planets Tokyo exhibit

I truly enjoy and admire the work of TeamLab. TeamLab is an international art collective that creates interactive artworks using digital projections, pulling together artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects for their projects. In particular, I love their exhibit TeamLab Planets Tokyo. In this exhibit, flowers, water, lava, light structures, and other wild features are projected upon simple constructions to immerse the participants. It is clearly inspired by our natural planet and seeks to show every person a different perspective on existing in nature. As stated on TeamLab’s website, this seeks to dissolve the “boundary between the body and the artwork” and “explore a new relationship without boundaries between ourselves and the world”. As our personal worlds become more digitised, a generated interaction between the user and nature, like TeamLab Planets Tokyo, prompts an interesting discussion about how much of natural experience we can imitate.

TeamLab Planets Tokyo Website Page

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