LO: My Inspiration

One of my favorite interaction and computational projects is the BioDesign Studio in the Tech Museum of Innovation created by Local Projects. Local Projects is a group of designers and creative technologists who aim to change how people interact with environments and with each other. This project educates people about synthetic biology, in which visitors can connect different DNA models together and a screen will display the lifeforms being created. I admire this project because the design and engineering team was able to create a seamless interaction between the tangible and the digital world. I like how the interaction is not limited to a screen, so social interaction is also made possible. I personally think the project points to the future of museum exhibitions and maybe even education, as learning through an interactive experience could benefit many people.

Author & Title: Local Projects, BioDesign Studio – THE TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION.

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This image shows children interacting with the DNA models.

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