LO: My Inspiration Satterwhite

When I first arrived back in Pittsburgh, one of my friends who is an RA told me to go see the Jacolby Satterwhite exhibition at the Miller ICA. I thought it was incredible how he did this with just so few other contributors. Jacolby was influenced by his mother and black culture among many of his other interests. He was able to use pop culture, history, holistics, and his personal experience. His exhibit has sculpture work and photography, but also uses 3D animation, VR, LED, and sound. Jacolby developed a multiform gestalt to create his VR. When walking through the exhibit, other than the lighting, it was very much like walking through a normal museum. Once I put on the VR set everything changed. It is hard to explain but it was easy to be immersed in the imagery and actions. Using the technology in a way that made it encompass my senses (sight and hearing), allowed me to pay attention. It was something I had never experienced before and I think it really goes to show how much the world is changing to hold people’s interests.

Installation view of Room for Living Currently at Miller ICA

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