Musical and Computational Inspiration

The mix of computer science and music is a combination that I love to no end. As both a musician and an avid computer science nerd, the idea that there are ways to combine these two concepts is amazing to me. There is one musical instrument that has always fascinated me. That would have to be the Theremin. Built by physicist Lev Sergeyevich Termen, the theremin is an instrument that does not need to be touched in order to create sound. The Theremin works by generating electromagnetic waves between two antennae. Kind of like a graph, the horizontal antenna controls volume while the vertical antenna controls pitch. I admire this instrument because of its originality and uniqueness. The sounds produced are heavily saturated computer-generated sounds that are like no other. When a musician is playing the Theremin, their hands move through space like they are dancing.

Edward Sussman – Theremin

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