3D Computer Graphics LO

The project I am looking at this week is called “Momoplanet | Inner Peace Animation” by Zigor Samaniego and his team in 2018.

I really admire this project specifically because I think it is so well crafted. Part of the part of this project was to incorporate many styles into one animation seamlessly and it not only is well done but it also elevated the story it conveyed.

Because of the many styles, the animation must of been created with multiple programs to effectively combine every medium. The team used not only 3D graphics but also “retro-futurism, illustration, stop motion, hand-drawn illustration in 3D-graphics…” So, to bring all the styles together the team must’ve used an animation software to piece together each scene.

Overall between the level of craft and certain style you can tell this work was influenced by Samaniego.

Link: https://zigorsamaniego.net/momoplanet-inner-peace-animation

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