Looking Outwards 05: 3D Computer Graphics

Project Title: WarNymph

Year of Creation: 2020

Artists: Dylan Kowalski

The digital persona is Grimes’ “de-aged clone.”

I admire how the project allows Grimes to have a digital version of herself because I feel like the virtual world is the exact place where people can be who they “truly are” without the confinements of real world expectations or circumstances. Though the character is kind of scary, I admire how genuinely eerie the 3D baby looks because it aligns well with the grim messages it speaks (in some videos, WarNymph talks of the end of the world). I know that Kowalski did the 3D sculpting partly on his “home desktop” and with ZBrush (digital sculpting application), but I can’t find much else on the algorithms or mechanisms that generated the work. Kowalski’s artistic focus lies in making incredibly detailed 3D characters, which is clearly exemplified by the baby’s intricate wings and leg tattoo, which accurately matches Grimes’ tattoo.

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