Looking Outwards 06: Randomness

Project Title: Arcs04-01

Year of Creation: 2011

Artists: Marius Watz

Arcs04-01 is part of the Random Number Multiples collection that takes computer produced visuals and translates them to prints.

I admire the vibrant colors used in this project and how the shapes of the lines flow such that it looks like the 2D print just stopped the art midway through. I admire this because it feels like the art was in motion and the audience just happened to catch a snapshot of an ongoing thing. The placement of each of the red, blue and yellow lines are random but I like how the colors are kept within these three. The creator didn’t use just any colors and I admire this artistic decision because it brings some overall cohesion to the project. The work uses “pseudo-random compositions” of branching out shapes that are distorted by a 3D surface to mimic a sense of movement while maintaining a central focal point. Watz uses software to produce a computational image and then places in aspects of randomness either through the colors or shapes. The creator connects generative art with “dynamic processes,” so in the final form of the work it gives the impression of never being static. The artist’s logic borrows from biomimicry so his art form seems to be in the process of developing and being undone.

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