LO-The Creative Practice of an Individual

The project speech I choose to listen to is NEW DOORS OF PERCEPTION: EXPLORATIONS INTO MIXED REALITY by Mike Tucker in 2019. Mike Tucker, a special effects expert, is an Interactive Director at Magic Leap, a company focused on creating the future of Spatial Computing. His work explores the space of interactive arts and music. In his speech, he talks about his journey with hand and eye tracking, optics, and spacial controllers involved in his process of developing Tónandi, an interactive, spatial music experience. Basically, Tonandi is a spacial computing interaction system which people could actually manipulate by hand to create varying soundwaves and visual effects. The reason why Tucker wanted to create something like it is that there was a bottleneck fo senses, and he wanted to break down people’s expectations on how visual and audio information were perceived by human beings. I am really impressed by the precision of their equipment’s in tracking human eye and body movements. Usually, our eyes capture things, and our Brian perceived that information in a speed faster than we thought it did. However, their top-notch depth sensor and designed systems to scan the surroundings constantly are able to construct rules in behaviors in an environment. This practice showcases how we could break traditional way of seeing the world and improve our view of the world. Also, it marks the new step of interactive and immersive combination of reality and visional information. Most importantly, I really like the way he narrates the whole project. It’s like developing the project with him from the start, one step by anther. The whole process makes me feel engaged.


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