LO: A Focus on Women and Non-binary Practitioners in Computational Art

I looked at the work of Kate Hollenbach for this week’s blog. Hollenbach works professionally as a programmer, artist, and educator. Most of her art projects focused on users’ relationships with digital interfaces and information. I especially admired one of her projects called USER_IS_PRESENT, which uses original software to explore user habits when interacting with their smart devices. The software developed by Hollenback allowed devices to simultaneously record video from the front and back cameras and screen record. The artist later used rendering techniques to layer those recordings together into one channel. The outcome gave viewers a new perspective to look at users and their habits on digital platforms. I think the result is artistic but informative at the same time. By layering three interfaces that we usually only experience separately, Hollenbach created a new visual environment for interaction and research.

Hollenbach, USER_IS_PRESENT, 2017


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