LO-A Focus on Women and Non-binary Practitioners in Computational Art

The female artist I chose to look into is Jenny Sabin, who investigates the intersections of architecture and science and applies insights and theories from biology and mathematics to the design of material structures. One of her works called PolyForm catches my attention immediately when I see it. It is a permanent interactive installation which from a distance and from within, passersby can explore the square structure’s laminated glass walls and jewel-like stainless-steel modules, whose colors and reflections change depending on the time of day, weather and a viewer’s orientation. What’s fascinating about this project is not only its changing colors and beautiful forms, but also the theme embodied in it. By placing an installation like this to make people stop by and interact with it, this sculpture thereby creates an atmosphere in that place to represents the great minds coming together for new possibilities and hope for the future. It is not interpreting human ecology literally but representing it by itself. Like Sabin herself says “this project promotes communication and active exchange across disciplines”.

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