Computational Portrait

let img;
let min, max;

function preload() {
  img = loadImage('');

function setup() {
  createCanvas(480, 480);
  min = 4;
  max = 40;

function draw() {
  let randomVal = map(random()*300, 0, width, min, max);
  let x = floor(random(img.width));
  let y = floor(random(img.height));
  let pix = img.get(x, y);
  fill(pix, 128);
  triangle(x, y, x+randomVal, y, x+randomVal/2, y+randomVal);

My art creates randomly sized triangles that match the colors of pixels in an image. They are continuously drawn, and you can eventually see the face that is being created. I chose a picture of a redhead on imgur because I thought it would be fun to see his bright hair.

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