LO: My Inspiration

Tender breeze by Mimi Park would be the artwork that introduced me to interactive art. It is not necessarily a computer-based artwork that involves coding, but more electrical engineering involved kind of work. What I admire most about this project is the interactivity of breezing out the wind. When the audience steps toward the human figure, the fan starts to turn and blow out the wind. As the wind blows, the fabric that surrounds the fan gently sways. The method behind this interactivity is by using a range sensor that allows machines to detect how close an object is to the sensor. You can adjust the range sensor for various purposes such as for an automatic light switch. Unfortunately, not much detail is provided in her blog about the process of building the installation. Regarding its small size, it is arguable that she was the sole producer of tender breeze. This artwork inspires me to explore areas of interactive and computational work using both found objects and machines, as well as self-written codes that I will hopefully be able to do after taking 15104.

tender breeze (2018)
arduino, range sensor, plaster, concrete, fabric, air dry clay, straw cleaner, shoes, moth ball, fresh flower

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