LO: My Inspiration

There was an interactive project at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York where people were able to draw on a big touch screen, and the technology transferred those simple lines to a piece of artwork. The drawings that people made were made out of very simple lines, but because the technology was so advanced, it was able to transfer the rough drawings into beautiful artworks. I really admired this project because it was appreciated by all ages from kids to adults doodling their works. I think it’s astounding how the software can change people’s drawings into something amazing and something so high tech. People were also able to save the artwork they made and take it home, and I think it’s much more meaningful to take a souvenir that they made rather than buying something from the museum store. Because of technology, people can take away experiences rather than consume art. This project points to how museums are developing their softwares to make it more interactive for people, thus creating more memorable experiences for people.

Video Link (18:35)

Cooper Hewitt Museum

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