LO: My Inspiration

I chose ‘Future Sketches’ displayed in Artechouse, DC by the coding artist Zach Lieberman for this blog because I really admire how he is able to create such interactive and immersive experience using a scary medium like coding, which is often not usually considered an essential tool for creating these kinds of artistic experiences. The exhibit in Artechouse was designed and executed by Zach Lieberman and his team of artists using the coding language C++ and a C++ toolkit for creative coding called “openFrameworks” which he co-founded. The main idea of ‘Future Sketches’ is that it uses data from human input and manipulates in real time to produce very creative and fun outputs that the audience can further interact with, example – one piece in the exhibition analyses audience’s facial expressions, matches the expressions with other faces in the database and replaces some features of the face with those of the matched faces. This kind of technology is appealing to me because it shows coding in a new light that most people do not know about. This project highlights how creative coding can be used to create futuristic experiences that encourage interaction from the audience and produces outputs based on audience’s data in real time.

Link to his work ‘Future Sketches’- https://www.artechouse.com/program/future-sketches/

Example of Zack Liberman’s work displayed in Artechouse

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