Looking Outwards-02


Turbulence by Dr.Woohoo is an interesting piece since it combines the use watercolor, which is visually organic, and a robotic arm to create a precise and organic piece. I admire the artist’s desire to push the boundaries of basic mechanical systems to revolutionize traditional forms of art. I think it is a noble ambition since it provides traditional art a means to escape its own boundaries. I think the wonderful thing about are is the infinite creative ways artist can utilize the same mediums. Dr. Woohoo’s use of mechanics, increases the amount of possibilities for which these mediums could be used. The algorithm behind Turbulence, appears to be pretty simple. The machine draws simple patterns while filling up on paint when needed. I would like to know if the layout of these simple patterns are randomized or not.  Dr.Woohoo was the directly behind the design the mechanical arm was to draw. He was able to manifest his own sensibilities with various factors out of the arms control like: color, color overlap, and layering. He was also able to ensure that the pattern being drawn would evolve into a hive-like pattern.

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