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Mercedes selected an Eyal Gever 3D media exhibition called “Sublime Moments” that debuted in 2014 at Frankfurt, Germany. According to his biography, Gever served in the Israeli defense forces as a computer graphics situation simulator. His occupation paved an artistic path for him in that he eventually developed his own software to use and expand upon.
In “Sublime Moments”, Gever uses his software to create ~~moments~~ of natural and man-made occurrences such as waves in the ocean coupled with a large purple sphere being popped and torn open.

This is a comprehensive link to Gever’s general work and exhibition

With these sections of moments, Gever compiles these compositions and sends them to the world’s largest 3D printer. To recreate something so detailed in digital and physical media is really unbelievable to me.

Mercedes talks about her opinion on Gever’s work and conceptual processes below

I admire this body of pieces because, I usually find hyperrealism (in both painting and sculpture) to be impressive but, ugly. However with Gever’s work I found his subject matter interesting as well as his execution and the forms he chooses to depict. The collection of pieces is enticing to look at as the forms suggest a movement but also give hint to a bigger motion yet to come. Gever Manages to capture the ominous potential along with a beauty and serenity of natural forms in a poetic juxtaposition.

I’m inclined to agree with her because I also find hyperrealism to be impressive but also somewhat grotesque. Gever capitalises on this ‘grotesqueness’ by incorporating a glossy and intricately surreal materiality to his pieces. This results in a very contemporary rendition of
what we are already naturally familiar with.

http://www.eyalgever.com/spherepop/  <– video of the sphere puncturing which serves as the starting point for Sphere Pop the sculpture.

Sphere Pop | 2014
Waterfall | 2014

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