– 2008

Barrel Distortion – Philip Rideout – 2011



Chris O Shea’s work emphasizes visualizing fluid motion. Although in this project he primarily focused on car paths, this technique could be applied to many different patterns as well. I really like time lapse as a form of visualization, and I believe that it can provide key insight and allow patterns to form from data that previously might look disoriented. On the flip side, Philip Rideout’s project focused more on the nature of one object. In this case he distorts barrels using vertex based techniques. By applying these techniques he is able to view the barrels under a comprehensive list of conditions and gain more insight into the object’s structure this way.

Although their work appears different, I believe they are actually quite similar in that they both try to explore and gain insight into objects and scenarios. Philip’s work does this with objects while Chris’ work applies to scenarios and larger scale activities. These two stood out to me as I feel that a missed opportunity could be a combination of both cases. I think it would be very interesting to see a project that combines the two aspects and observes an object in certain scenarios and evaluates its form and condition.

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