Looking Outwards 09

I looked at Liu Xiangqi’s Looking Outwards post on Aaron Koblin’s “Flight Patterns” work. Flight Patterns visualizes air traffic over North America, creating colorful celestial patterns. I like Liu’s statement “It seems that our planet is wrapped by layers of these nets consisting of paths.” I also had this reaction to the work. I’m always excited by seeing movement visualized. The fact that this work is also man made movement is exciting to me because my first reaction would be to think of it as nature vs. man piece and man mimicking nature. However, when I think about it more in depth, this movement of man is also natural. It is not mimicking, it is a part of the sky, we just don’t think about this movement as being as ethereal as you would the stars. The ability to use the processing program to visualize this helps to close the gap for me in this way of thinking, that I find really interesting and produces some beautiful work. http://www.aaronkoblin.com/project/flight-patterns/

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