Hyphae Crispata in Growing Objects


Kinematics Dress

Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jess Louis-Rosenberg are the co-founders of Nervous System in 2007, a design studio that applies cutting-edge technologies in design through scientific research and computational graphics. Jessica graduated from MIT with degrees in architecture and biology, while Jesse also attended MIT majoring in mathematics, and he previously worked as consultant in building modeling and design automation.

What’s fascinating about their works is the degree that they employ the computational design and digital fabrication in products that can be manufactured. A lot of their projects such as the Growing Objects draw inspirations from the forms and biological pattern of plants. During their presentation, they illustrated the process of abstracting essential forms and adding complexity and details through algorithm. Different experimentations and simulations had been done to produce the dynamic and interactive system that generates one of a kind for each product.

The 3D printed textile for the Kinematic project is also interesting because of the 2D flatness of each module in contrast to the degree of customization, variation in three dimensions that conform body curve, and the flexibility of movement in the final dress.

Eyeo 2015 – Jesse Louis-Rosenburg and Jessica Rosenkrantz from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

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