example 3D printed watch band for Moto 360 Smartwatch


Tactum: the user interacting with the projection

I found the Tactum project created by MADLAB.CC to be extremely inspiring. Madeline Gannon is the head of the MADLAB.CC, which is a research studio specializing in integrating design and computational tools to develop interfaces for crafting wearables on and around the human body.

Madeline has background in architecture and computation design, and is currently PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University.

Tactum project specifically dealt with the manipulation of interactive digital geometry on user’s skin. The gestures used within Tactum are designed to be natural and intuitive for users. By poking, pinching or rubbing users can customize their own wearable within the embedded 3D printing fabrication constraints in the programmed geometry. The project was implemented with the combination of CAD backend for projection, existing 3D SCAN and 3D printer.

I’m particularly intrigued by the potential extended usage for this technology, and hope for the improvement on the precision.

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