Shan Wang – Project Proposal

For my final project, I’m thinking about creating an interactive game similar to the mechanism of the doodle jump based on the animation and objects that we learned this semester.

With the background and platforms being generated with some randomness, all platforms are falling off the screen. Players get to control the main character (currently drawn as a scale figure in the sketch) to jump up to the surrounding platforms to keep the character alive. By pressing left or right key, the user can jump on to the adjacent platform. The game will also keep track of the score (height) that the character has jumped up.

There are some features that I’m considering adding: sound effects for jumping, background music, special platforms that will crack once the character stays over a certain amount of time.
The main focus of this project will be the algorithm that generates the platforms that space out reasonably, providing both challenges and fun at the same time.


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