Ean Grady-Looking Outwards-03


Digital Grotesque II (2017) is a full-scale 3D printed grotto (cave), designed by famous computational architect Michael Hansmeyer. It is interesting to consider the medium that computational fabrications such as this exist in because they are intricate and naturally built but also man-made. I admire the extreme amount of detailing in the caves that the computer generated, also it shows the full possibilities of computational architecture and that we no longer have to look at a building and consider the manpower or human-skill it takes to physically sculpt/design building art. The article states  the idea that, “while we can fabricate anything, design arguably appears confined to our instruments of design: we can only design what we can directly represent. “, which is interesting because although fabrication offers a wealth of new possibilities, it is limited due to its nature of control and execution, therefore the article poses the idea that we need new tools of design.

Video below shows the interior of the computationally fabricated grotto.

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