LO week 4-The Sugarcube


video of button pressing and whole form
Demo of Arpeggiator, just one of the sound functions of this creation

Looking on Vimeo, I found the Sugarcube controller. I thought it was unique because of the button pressing and I have seen familiar things before online with a connected mouthpiece. I really like the ease of this project and how you can connect it to different apps to do different sound related tasks. I liked how hands on it was with movement and shaking to erase work or play with the buttons. I thought this would make a really cool kids toy for kids who like music, without having a screen. It has a lot of different connections and apps to use; you can generate polyrhythms based on tilt and control the velocity. It also had a step sequencer which allowed it to go through different patterns of sound and tempo. The creator went through a lot of work for the parts and to make it on arduino and make it have a clean box packaging.The creator also goes through the motions of saying how they made the whole set up so you can too.They also attached their code in arduino, and I appreciate how they were able to program the buttons to do so many different commands.

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