Looking Outwards 05: 3D Graphics

A piece of 3D computer art that I find inspiring is Synchronism by artist Andreas Wannerstedt. This piece is a set of three looping videos that show the synchronization between moving elements. I am familiar with Wannerstedts work, and what I love about all of his videos is that they create a very short yet satisfying loop that is visually beautiful. Each element is perfectly timed, and the pieces are so dynamic that you have to watch the loop a few times to really understand all of the parts. A lot of his graphics are also extremely photo representational and seem like they could really be sculptures or installations. From the look of the video, it seems like a 3d computer software was used to create these pieces. In his process, you can also see that he sticks to a certain graphic style that mixes bright colors with textures from nature or more industrial materials.

Piece: Synchronism
Link: https://andreaswannerstedt.se/synchronism

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