LO: Information Visualisation

For this weeks blog, I chose to analyze a project called “Melting memories – Drawing neural mechanisms of cognitive control” by Refik Anadol Studios. This project revolves around visualizing brain activity of participants when they were asked to recall a specific childhood memory. This childhood memory is not mentioned but it’s really interesting to think how different elements of these memories will have visually different representations. The technical workings of how these memories were displayed in a visual way are quite complex and it was hard for me to understand but the basics is that researchers took EEG data from the participants brains and converted that data into 3D models that we see. This sort application of data visualization can have en enormous on our society in different fields like healthcare, education etc.

Link to the project – https://www.creativeapplications.net/vvvv/melting-memories-drawing-neural-mechanisms-of-cognitive-control/

Visualization of brain activity

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