LO-Information Visualization

The project I choose for this week LO is the Unnumbered Sparks by Janet Echelman in 2014. The reason I find this interesting is that the form and color of this installation catches my attention immediately after I glimpsed it on the project website. After my research on it, I’m amazed by its scale and the audience controlled display. Instead of having fixed light beams, the creator actually pass the control over to the audiences so that it creates a connection between people and their surroundings. The way Janet Echelman put this installation together is inspiring as well. In order to create a canvas in such scale, he looked for the right material and decided to go with Honeywell Spectra fiber, a lightweight, durable material 15 times stronger than steel by weight. This project embodies the infusion of art and technology, expanding people’s understanding of art and material density, form, and flexibility.

Unnumbered Sparks, Vancouver, Canada, 2014

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