LO 08:

Eyeo 2019 – Refik Anadol from Eyeo Festival on Vimeo.

Refik Anadol is a director and media artist, who works with site-specific public art that uses a parametric data sculpture approach, and live audio and visual performances that use immersive installations. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and currently lives and works in LA, California. 

He describes himself as being intrigued by how the transformation of subjects in contemporary culture requires rethinking how we perceive space from an aesthetic, technical, and dynamic viewpoint. He also explores embedding media arts into architecture and encourages viewers to visualize alternative realities by presenting the possibility of redefining the functionality of architectural spaces. Anadol suggests that all spaces and facade have the potential to be a canvas for a media artist.

His body of work includes a lot of immersive indoor art installations and outdoor/public art installations, most of which use visual media based upon algorithms and data. I admire how he views the facades and spaces of architecture as potential for media artwork. Public art has a lot of potential to change a community for the better, while also exposing children in lower income communities to possibilities like art. 

I liked that he explained his own journey in terms of unique mentors and experiences that had helped him along the way. It helps explain how he got to where he is, while also exposing the audiences to many other helpful resources. Presentation wise, he utilized humor, quotes, and compliments (to his mentors) in such a way that his presentation was very dynamic.

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