LO: A Focus on Women and Non-binary Practitioners in Computational Art

One female artist that I find inspiring is Eva Schindling. She got a MSc. in art and technology from Chalmers University in Sweden. She “creates hardware and software solutions in the interdisciplinary zone between art, science, technology and design.” Her work has been exhibited all over the world including the Japan Media Arts festival, Hong Kong’s Museum of Art, Moscow’s Biennale of Contemporary Art, and even Burning Man! A project that I find very interesting from her portfolio is La Figure de la Terre. This was a work for the contemporary Finish Opera La Figure de la Terr and it is an Audio-reactive video software. There is not that much explaining the piece, but from the images it seems like this was used as a background to the opera itself. I think it is always exciting to see different applications of computer generated art, and this marriage between theater and computer generated art is especially inspiring!

Link: http://www.evsc.net/projects/la-figure-de-la-terre
Artist: Eva Schindling

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