LO: My Inspiration

From my personal point of view, I do think that Siri is quite a good example of an interactive project. It is just amazing that the machine could accurately recognize people’s voice and conduct according commands. Capturing voices, recognizing words said, and processing this information into commands that guide Siri, this intelligent assistant, to perform actions expected by the commander. I really admire how much efforts developers have put into this, since each and every step of this process requires a great number of sophisticated scripts and codes. I believe that the reason why Siri is developed is because of people’s desire to more conveniently make technology do things by our wishes. Siri’s voice recognition capability and the ability to learn from users’ behaviors also point out that machine learning could be the future developing direction. Basically, technology exists to better help people get things done. Machine learning not only allow people to let machines do whatever we ask them to do, but also help them to have a machine that could learn from the past actions and “improve” itself for further convenience.

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