Looking Outwards-04

As a circus performer, one of the many challenges of choreographing is finding a balance between the visual motions and the music. In SWEATSHOPPE’s video, instead of balancing music with dance, they are balancing music with creating art. A choreographer’s biggest job is making sure that the music meets the movements: a moment of silence in the music should be a moment of silence in the dance, usually following an explosive movement. SWEATSHOPPE has had to combine finding that balance with coding – something I admire incredibly.
I know that they have to create their own software to track the motion of the paintbrush to generate the images on the wall, but then they have to match up the music to the motion of the brush and the manifestation of the art on the wall. I suppose that part of this is human choice and part of it relies on adjusting the timing of the art’s generation to the moments in the music.


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