Andy Lomas Cellular Forms 2014

Video of Cellular Forms

I’ve always been fascinated by the small processes in biology that are not able to be seen by the human eye. I was drawn to Andy Lomas’s Cellular Forms because he created an animation of forms that was modeled after cellular growth. I admire that Lomas chose to create a graphic that took inspiration from biology but did not model the animation after any particular organism, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer. Lomas created the graphic by starting with an initial cluster of cells and then adding complexity to the structure. Lomas used parameters to measure and control the accumulated nutrient levels in the cells to monitor when a cell would divide. Once a certain nutrient level was reached, the cell would divide and reconnect with neighboring cells. I suppose that due to all of the repetitions in the work, Lomas must have used loops or a variation of them. Lomas was also interested in the reactions of his viewers. He believed that there was something deeply psychological in humans where if we see these biological processes we feel connected to the biological forms. Being the CG supervisor for the movie Avatar, I believe Lomas is very invested and successful in creating an appreciation for biological processes in his viewers. 

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