Duracell Print Campaign Europe/Asia
Ogilvy & Mather Paris
Digital illustration : Full Computer Generated Image.
2010 Cannes Shortlisted
2009 Eurobest Bronze Award

Behance Nikopicto Site

Nikopicto is a Hong Kong based 3d production company that has an enormous portfolio of 3d projects. As I was browsing through their projects, one particular one that caught my eye was one they had made a few years ago called DURACELL. They took the cartoon animation from DURACELL and turned it into a masterpiece. By using a large amount of small pink bunnies, they were able to create a pink stampeding rhino, a pink tornado, and a large pink sumo-wrestler. And if you look closely you can see various bunnies all in different poses. I like when something so small can make up something even bigger and that is exactly what Nikopicto did. The agency that sponsored the full computer generated images was Ogivly and Mather for the client Proctor and Gamble as a part of the Duracell Print Campaign 2009 Europe and Asia.

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