Hannah K-Project-09


var myImage;
// Variables needed for lerp
var orig = color(theColorAtLocationXY);
var next = color(135, 206, 250);

function preload() {
    var goldenGateBridge = "https://i.imgur.com/jeVkTI5.png";
    myImage = loadImage(goldenGateBridge);

function setup() {
    createCanvas(414, 750);

function draw() {
    var px = random(width);
    var py = random(height);
    var ix = constrain(floor(px), 10, width-1);
    var iy = constrain(floor(py), 10, height-1);
    var theColorAtLocationXY = myImage.get(ix, iy);

    // Creates a diagonal "line" that pulls colors
    // used in the rest of my portrait
    if(py > px) {
    rect(px, py, 10, 5); 
    else {
    theColorAtLocationXY = lerp(orig, next, 0.5);
    rect(px, py, 5, 10);

For this week’s process, I was heavily reliant on the template for creating my final product. Unless most weeks, I did not really have a drawing that I made prior to starting my final project. I decided to use a picture from a couple of summers ago when I went biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. I decided to create a diagonal “background” of sorts that depends on other colors that were used in my image.

On a final note, I am not sure why the computational portrait is not showing up on this page, even though the code is embedded. I tried re-uploading my file numerous times and embedding it, but nothing seems to work…When I open the html file associated with my code, it works though..!


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