Final Project – Naomi Shimada

For my final project I wanted to incorporate my writing. I took a short story that I wrote and then broke it down into 15 different scenes. I looked at each scene and then decided on a strong image on each one like a picture book. From there I coded each scene as a separate function with helper functions to create each individual aspect. In some of the scenes I decided that I wanted there to be an interactive aspect so I coded other functions that were dependent on the mouse position. I thought that by making the writing more visual and because often times you have to read the story to know what’s animated in the scene the writing itself would become more enjoyable to non-readers.

Credit for the images and the song, none of which are my own:

I wanted to code the photo of the man in the door, but creating an accurate image that captured the emotion in the actor’s face was too difficult. Here is the link.

The next image is the high chair in the kitchen. Here is the link to the original image.

The third image is another that I wanted to code but found that using an image conveyed the emotion better. Here is the link.

The final image link.

The song is Styx’s Sail Away.

Screenshots from the project:


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